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...well thought-out ... rings true because of the hotel setting ... Boston is
obviously, a place in which you feel at home and which you know well.
Anyone who has worked in a hotel - or even stayed in one - can recognize the hierarchy and how things are organized and what the various guests are like. Problems, complaints, and situations are all very well and realistically portrayed.


Jul​ia Rohatyn Mystery Novels

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Well written, interesting, racy and exciting with humor and an instinctive feel for what makes people tick - and I couldn't stop reading until I had finished the book.

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Shades of Light and Darkness

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​​If you like to solve puzzles...

If you want to find out what goes on behind the scenes at a big city hotel...

If you like murder mysteries with a whimsical twist...

Read  and enjoy

* A Conventional Murder

* Murder in Wyoming

* Treasons and Spoils

​* The Dream Catcher

​Meet Rebecca Bauer, a hotel manager who is a magnet for trouble and Betsy Connolly, the security director of the hotel.

Now  -

Betsy, now a PI, gets her own series beginning with:          "Killer Remedy"

a whodunit with an inside view of the amazing important explosion of knowledge about medical marijuana and:

Shades of Light and Darkness -


Margot, a diplomat

Obeid, a terrorist with issues

were all survivors...until now.