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A Conventional Murder

Rebecca Bauer manages a big city hotel and thinks her life is perfect until she is accused of taking bribes, and her accuser is found dead. Suspected of the crime, she must enlist her friends to help find the real killer. Is it the young woman from whom the victim took sexual favors, or the bitter ex-wife, or the man who worked with him in stealing from the hotel? Rebecca learns the value of friendship and catches the murderer in a dangerous chase.

This is the first book of the Rebecca Bauer Hotel Mystery Series.

What people are saying

"...a blend of humor, hotel management, friendship and murder. Every time I thought I had the murder victim picked out, I realized, nope, I was wrong. A Conventional Murder is a quick and enjoyable read."

"Imagine an engaging Agatha Christie classic meets “5 Star hotel management for dummies.” A humorous read with lots of exciting twists that is perfect for the aficionado."

"Little twists and turns at every chapter. I'm looking forward to reading Ms. Rohatyn's next book."

Murder in Wyoming

Murder in Wyoming small.jpg

How far out of your comfort zone can you go? Do you know why Rebecca doesn’t want to get up on a horse?

This mystery novel is the story of Rebecca Bauer’s attempt to check out a dude ranch that her boss wants to buy. Nothing is familiar and nothing is easy. She finds a dead body and becomes a suspect, but not only the police are after her. The shady characters who run the ranch see her as a threat and will stop at nothing to get rid of her.

Broken limbs, runaway horses, drug dealers, an amorous police detective, and rattlesnakes leave her lost in the amazing wilderness of the emptiest state in the Union. Until she solves the puzzle.

Treasons and Spoils Small.jpg

Treasons and Spoils

Why Kill the Priest?

Father Timothy Reilly is mortally wounded in a vicious attack minutes before he is to marry Betsy and Peter. The answer lies in a twenty-year-old secret of bravery and shame. Rebecca, the general manager of a Boston hotel, and Betsy, her closest friend, will travel to places where the police cannot go. They will reveal the true history of a courageous young priest but will be left looking for two possible attackers who seek revenge.

Solving murders and managing a big hotel gets complicated when there are two criminals and two crimes. Someone is embezzling large amounts of money from the hotel. Chasing bad guys can get dangerous and Rebecca is almost killed.

The two cases seem to be unrelated.

This is a story of treason, a betrayal of trust, and its spoils. Betsy and Rebecca must deal with faith confronted by horrendous sin and the strains of loyalty besieged.

 It is also a story of place. The inner world of a big-city hotel, ‘Southy’, the neighborhoods of the Boston Irish, and the quirky charm of small-town America are revealed with affection and familiarity.

The Dream Catchersmall.jpg

The Dream Catcher


Homicide at a Country Inn

An invitation to spend the weekend at her friend's Maine country inn ends in murder and sends Rebecca Bauer scurrying back to Boston. When the innkeeper is accused of the crime, what will she do?

The victim was an Abenaki Indian and that gets Rebecca going. She searches for information about him and finds breathtaking discoveries about the people who were here first. The dark Maine forests that surround the inn hold mysteries and unexpected dangers for Rebecca whose nosiness risks a murderous response by the killer. There is no shortage of suspects. It could be the selfish, apparently promiscuous, trophy wife, or the Abenaki’s violent cousin, or the owner’s partner.

The ancient legends and dreams of the native tribes who have been here for thousands of years. open a way to finally find solutions to two murders, two hundred years apart.

What people are saying

"Like the other Rebecca Bauer mystery books I’ve read, I couldn’t put it down until I finished it. Intelligently written, an interesting weave of historical and present day stories. Definitely a book that I recommend."

killer remedy cover.25mp.jpg

Killer Remedy

A baby doctor is dead.


The police say that it’s a mugging gone wrong. The hospital says, ‘Tragic accident’. Emma isn’t buying it.

Devastated by the murder of her husband, Emma turns to a brand-new detective for help and Betsy takes the job. The neophyte PI works under-cover as a nurse, and the widow uses her blogging skills to discover several suspicious deaths of doctors from the same cannabis research hospital department. They begin to ,narrow the field of suspects.

But the killer, scenting danger, lashes out. Will he kill again before they catch him?

Killer Remedy, a 57,000 word novel by Julia Rohatyn, begins a new series starring Betsy Connolly. It is a mystery that keeps you reading – for the humor, the realistic characters, and the suspense.


ShadesLight DarknessSmall.jpeg

Shades of Light and Darkness


A vacation in Israel was supposed to be fun, not deadly.

But Betsy, a neophyte private investigator, and her husband Pete, a Boston Police Department detective, agreed to carry out a small mission. They would search for Lis, a runaway teenager, while they toured the Galilee with a new friend, a foreign diplomat.

They find Lis and she is mixed up in a brew of murder, drugs, prostitution, and terrorism. Their efforts will land them all on a killer’s hit list

The luminous churches of Bethlehem, the echoing halls of the crusaders in Acre, the eerie remains of the Jesus Boat, the warm blue water of the Sea of Galilee, and the green forests and hills of the North will be spiced with a premonition of peril and will make this book a delightful read.

This is a 55,000-word mystery novel, the second in the Betsy Connolly series and a continuation of the Rebecca Bauer Mysteries. A plot where tension builds, interesting characters meet, and we can visit fascinating tourist sites in Israel. The story is partially based on the true thrilling adventures of a European diplomat who is a friend of the author.


What are People saying

"...a fast-moving murder mystery that doubles as a travelogue for those visiting Northern Israel, particularly the area around Tiberius and the Sea of Galilee. It's a wonderful companion for a trip to the Holy Land, whether real or imagined."

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