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When I started to write mystery novels, I wrote three whodunits based in the hotel world that I knew so well. They were never published, thank goodness, but the basic story and the characters were good. I want to rewrite and edit them. That was the plan.


Plans are often a basis for change and 2020 changed us all. The Corona Covid 19 crisis came along. For better and for worse, the world will not be the same. Ever.


When the quarantine had me stuck at home, limited to the confines of my home and to the small village where I live, I used the time to complete Shades of Light and Darkness. 

The next book was one that I would not have even dreamed about six months ago. 

I have often admired writers who are able to create a new different unexpected yet believable world. This parallel universe was created for us by a virus and in my new book, still in the outline stage, my characters will be forced to live in it.

What if a sweet, kind, somewhat hypochondriac accountant and single father gets sick and dies of Covid 19. But, perhaps, that is not what really happened.

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